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Should the Dallas Mavericks pass or pursue these 5 B/R hypothetical trades?

Dallas Mavericks, Eric Gordon, Reggie Bullock
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Pass or pursue Dallas Mavericks hypothetical trade: 4. Get Rose and Fournier

The Mavs desperately need another ball-handler and playmaker on their roster. Jalen Brunson’s departure left a gigantic hole, and the front office did nothing to fill it this offseason. Now, Luka Doncic has to take on an unfathomable workload, and Spencer Dinwiddie is the only other option on their roster. If one of those two misses time, the Mavericks have nowhere to turn.

Shams Charania reported (subscription required) that the Knicks have made Derrick Rose available, and here is a deal that sees Dallas acquire the former MVP.

The two teams swap undesirable contracts here, but there is some upside for Dallas. Evan Fournier is only 30 years old, and he averaged over 14 points per game just last season. It has been a rough start, but he could play his way into the Mavericks' rotation on the wing.

Would head coach Jason Kidd be willing to give up one of his best defenders to get more offensive firepower? One of the reasons Christian Wood does not start is the Hall of Fame point guard wants to use a more defensive-minded opening group.

Verdict: Pursue

The Mavericks' need for a capable third ball-handler outweighs the loss on the defensive end of the floor. Dallas would need to get Evan Fournier back on track to make this deal a win, but the 30-year-old should still have plenty left in the tank. He just needs a change of scenery, and Derrick Rose has impressively become one of the league’s best backup point guards after it appeared he was on his way out a few years back.