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5 offseason trades that make Dallas Mavericks title contenders

Dallas Mavericks, Rudy Gobert
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Dallas Mavericks, Myles Turner
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Trade to make Dallas Mavericks title contenders: 5. Turner comes home

The Pacers are one of the most intriguing teams of the offseason, and they could go in multiple different directions. Myles Turner has one year left on his contract, and Indiana will be looking to get an extension done. If they cannot, expect the Pacers to put Turner on the trade block, and the Mavericks have rumored interest. Here is a deal that could bring the 26-year-old to Dallas.

This trade might be best served for the Mavs to happen on draft night, so they can send their first-round pick in this year’s draft. It would give the Pacers another young first-round pick to put around Tyrese Haliburton, and Tim Hardaway Jr. had two of his best seasons playing under head coach Rick Carlisle in Dallas.

Turner gives the Mavericks rebounding, rim protection, and a pick and roll partner for Luka Doncic. The 6’11 big man is one of the league’s best shot blockers, and he would be a fantastic fit in Dallas playing off number 77.

Myles Turner is a name to watch this offseason as he will likely sign an extension with the Pacers or be traded out of Indiana. Expect the Dallas Mavericks to have interest if he becomes available.