Dallas Mavericks 2022 offseason grades

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Dallas Mavericks 2022 offseason grade: Bringing back Theo Pinson

The Mavs brought back Pinson on a one-year veteran minimum deal after the impact he made in the locker room and on the bench last season. Dallas was facing a COVID outbreak in December 2021 when they signed Pinson to a ten-day deal, and he stuck for the remainder of the season, despite Dallas not having an open roster spot for him.

The Mavericks signed him to a two-way deal, which made him ineligible for the postseason. Still, Pinson was on the bench for every game making an impact. The 26-year-old brings an added element to the team even when he is not playing. Pinson has talked about his impact, and the Mavs felt it last season.

Dallas Mavericks grade for re-signing Theo Pinson: B+

Fans were not happy with my initial grade of this move, and I lowered it slightly because the Mavericks only have 14 players under contract heading into training camp. The final roster spots receive minimal playing time, so having a positive locker room presence that helps the team win without playing is massive.

Pinson’s team has made the playoffs every year, including the 2019 Nets led by D’Angelo Russell and the 2021 Knicks, who made the franchise's only postseason appearance since 2013. Fans may not be able to see the impact Pinson has, but it is real. The Dallas Mavericks signed him to a veteran minimum deal, and he will return more than that value to the team to earn them a B-plus mark.