5 Mavericks most likely to be traded during the 2022-23 season

Dallas Mavericks, Christian Wood, Dwight Powell
Dallas Mavericks, Christian Wood, Dwight Powell / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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The Dallas Mavericks enter the 2022-23 season with high hopes. They reached the conference finals last year, and the team has made their goal of winning a championship clear during media day. Luka Doncic is one of the best players in the league, but do the Mavs have enough talent around him to win it all?

Much has been made of Jalen Brunson’s departure in free agency, but Dallas improved their frontcourt, depth, and versatility this offseason. They added Christian Wood and JaVale McGee, which gives them more size and plugs the Mavericks' rebounding hole. Time will tell if the team is better this season, but fans know they will not stop trying to upgrade their roster.

If the Mavs are going to make a trade this season, they will have to send someone out in the deal, but who is the most likely to go? Here are five players the front office could deal away before February’s deadline.

Dallas Mavericks most likely to be traded this season: 5. Tim Hardaway Jr.

The Mavs shopped THJ at last season’s trade deadline and again this offseason. He still has three years and $53.7 million left on his extension that he signed in 2021, but the 6’5 wing struggled last season before suffering a season-ending foot injury in January. Can Hardaway Jr. bounce back?

Teams know what THJ is at this point in his career. The 6’5 wing scores 15 points per game with inconsistent efficiency. Hardaway Jr. is an above-league-average 3-point shooter but struggles on the defensive end.

If Tim Hardaway Jr. gets off to a hot start, the Dallas Mavericks could look to move him, but finding someone willing to take on his contract will not be easy. Their best bet is attaching him as a salary-filler in a more significant deal.