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3 minimum free agents the Dallas Mavericks will regret not signing

Dallas Mavericks, Goran Dragic, T.J. Warren
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Dallas Mavericks, Wesley Matthews
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Minimum free agent Dallas Mavericks will regret not signing: 2. Wesley Matthews

Matthews signed a one-year deal for the Milwaukee Bucks for the third time in four years as he continues to chase that elusive championship ring. The Bucks won the title in 2021 when the 6’4 guard was the Lakers.

Mavericks fans know Matthews well after he spent four seasons in Dallas. The 35-year-old can no longer handle those massive workloads, but he spaces the floor and plays stout perimeter defense. Iron Man is a 20-minute per game option at this point in his career with the ability to expand his minutes a bit further in the postseason if necessary.

Wesley Matthews is an outstanding veteran presence to have in the locker room too. The Mavs need that after Jalen Brunson left for New York. They will be searching for a leader next season, and Matthews could have offered a veteran voice that improves the team’s all-around play.

Could the Dallas Mavericks have convinced Matthews to return? He seems happy in Milwaukee, and the veteran wants to chase a ring.

It likely would have taken a near full mid-level offer from the Mavs, which would have kept them from giving second-round draft pick Jaden Hardy the third year on his contract. Still, the Mavs could regret missing on Matthews, especially if they do not add more wing depth before the playoffs.