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How does the Donovan Mitchell trade to the Cavaliers impact the Dallas Mavericks?

Dallas Mavericks, Donovan Mitchell
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How does Donovan Mitchell trade impact Dallas Mavericks?: 2. Cavaliers improve young core

The Mavs want to contend for a championship over the next four years, and Cleveland just jumped into that fray by acquiring Mitchell. The 25-year-old has three years left on his contract, and he joins an exciting young core of Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, and Evan Mobley. The Cavaliers finished ninth in the Eastern Conference last season, but they will be looking to leap into the top four after landing Mitchell.

Luka Doncic puts Dallas ahead of Cleveland in the title race, but the Cavaliers could become legit contenders if Garland, Allen, and Mobley continue to improve. Mobley has a massive ceiling, and reports suggest the 6’11 has added some new tricks to his bag this summer. Mobley becoming a superstar is the quickest path for Cleveland to become a true title challenger.

Credit to the Cavs for taking a swing. Cleveland was not going to be a free agency destination, so they traded for a three-time All-Star. Will the pieces fit? Having four young All-Stars is a fantastic place to be in, and the Cavaliers still have the assets to change things up if necessary.

How far forward can Cleveland jump this season? They will be a playoff team in the Eastern Conference, but do not expect them to contend for a championship. The Dallas Mavericks were happy to see Mitchell head to the East, but not one of the conference’s elite squads.