3 discouraging takeaways from Dallas Mavericks loss to Raptors

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
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Takeaway from Dallas Mavericks loss to Raptors: 2. Rebounding woes remain

Two simple stats tell the story of the game as the Mavericks were outrebounded 48 to 34, and Toronto shot 15 more field goals on Saturday. It is not always that simple, but giving up 17 offensive rebounds and allowing the opposition to shoot 15 more times makes it nearly impossible to win.

The rebounding woes are nothing new for the Mavericks. They added Christian Wood and JaVale McGee in the offseason to help solve those issues, but it has not happened in the early going. McGee went from starter to the fringes of the rotation already, and Dwight Powell starting means the rebounding struggles are back.

Playing Christian Wood more might help the Mavericks on the glass, but they are currently 30th in the NBA in rebounds and 29th in rebound percentage. A few more minutes for Wood alone is not going to solve the issue.

The Dallas Mavericks need reinforcements to address it, and they must commit to boxing out and attacking the glass more. Luka Doncic puts up massive numbers, but he cannot do it all. Rebounding will continue to be an issue until the Mavs make a change, so stay tuned to see how they address it.