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5 candidates that could take the Dallas Mavericks final roster spot

Dallas Mavericks, Tyler Dorsey
Dallas Mavericks, Tyler Dorsey / Giuseppe Cottini/GettyImages
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Candidate to fill Dallas Mavericks final roster spot: 4. Carmelo Anthony

Melo is the best free agent still unsigned with training camp just days away. Does the 38-year-old want to play another season? If so, he is likely looking for a situation with playing time where he can compete for a championship.

The Mavs were just in the conference finals, and they may not have the playing time available right now, but one injury could change. Melo is a future first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the 75 best players in NBA history. Even at 38, the 6’7 forward is a bucket that has done an outstanding job transitioning into a role player over the last three seasons.

The Mavericks clearly would prefer to keep their final roster spot open over signing any available free agent. Dallas had all summer to offer these players deals, including the recently signed Dennis Schroder, but they opted to keep the position open. General manager Nico Harrison will be looking to swing an in-season trade or find an upgrade via the buyout market in February.

If Carmelo Anthony wants to play, he will likely find a gig at some point this season as injuries strike. The 6’7 forward is best suited in a 25-minute per game role at this point in his career, but he can still make an impact. Expect Melo to hold out for the right opportunity, but it will come at some point this season.