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Dallas Mavericks trade for All-Star in B/R hypothetical that totally misses mark

Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Love
Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Love / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Why trading for Kevin Love makes zero sense for the Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs are just nine months away from having all of their first-round picks to trade for the first time in the Luka Doncic era. Fans may remember, that it cost Dallas two first-round picks to trade up two spots to select number 77, and the former front office dealt two more to acquire Kristaps Porzingis during Luka’s rookie season. Having multiple first-rounders to deal opens the door for the Mavericks to add a massive talent upgrade next summer.

It only makes sense to trade a future first-round pick now if the move pushes Dallas into title contention. Does Kevin Love do that? He has not been an All-Star since 2018, and Love has played just 177 games over the last four seasons combined. The 6’8 forward is still an elite shooter and rebounder, but how much can he play at 34 years old?

The Mavericks traded a first-round pick to acquire Christian Wood and used the majority of their mid-level exception to sign JaVale McGee this summer. Dallas still has Maxi Kleber and Dwight Powell looking for minutes in the frontcourt. They need a ball-handler, not another big man. Love can only play 25 minutes per game, but that further limits Kleber and Wood, who the team believes in.

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It makes no sense for the Dallas Mavericks to trade a first-round pick for Kevin Love. Fans can argue it improves their cap sheet, but Dallas would still have over $119 million committed in salaries for next season, which leaves them just $15 million in cap room to add in free agency. Having the first-round pick creates a larger opportunity to upgrade their roster in the summer of 2023.