Why Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic will get traded to the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Bojan Bogdanovic
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The Pistons asking price will come down and the Dallas Mavericks will pounce

Detroit is asking for an arm and a leg at this point, and they should be. If some team gets desperate and is willing to pay it, it becomes a massive win. The price will slowly drop leading up to the Feb. 9 trade deadline. At some point, the Pistons are going to become motivated sellers, and that is when the Mavs will pounce.

Adding a $20 million contract to your books means trading away some talent to acquire him. The Mavericks are uniquely positioned with Davis Bertans, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Dwight Powell along with Spencer Dinwiddie and Christian Wood all in that salary range. Dallas can make the math work quickly, but will they be willing to offer a first-round pick?

The Mavs should try a distant first-rounder that becomes two second-rounders if it does not convey. They have already moved their second-round picks in 2026 and 2028, but 2027 and 2029 are still open. That would mean Dallas would have to make the first-rounder in 2026, which is complicated by the original Kristaps Porzingis trade. The Mavs owe a top-ten protected pick to the Knicks in 2023, but the protection prevents them from dealing their 2025 first. Dallas would likely need some provision to make a Bogdanovic trade work, but it can be done.

Bojan Bogdanovic is the perfect fit in Dallas. He would be an outstanding on-court addition to their roster that allows them to maintain flexibility in 2025 when the Mavericks will have cap space. Dallas just needs to wait until the Pistons lower their asking price.

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What will the Dallas Mavericks do at the trade deadline? Stay tuned to find out.