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Dallas Mavericks: 5 realistic free agent targets this offseason

Dallas Mavericks Kyle Lowry Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Mavericks Kyle Lowry Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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Dallas Mavericks Mike Conley Mandatory Credit: Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Realistic free agent for Dallas Mavericks to target: 3. Mike Conley

The Mavs need for another ball-handler was glaring in the playoffs. They were outscored by 43 points in the 55 minutes Luka Doncic sat in the series against the Clippers. Dallas shot just 32.7 percent from the field and could not get their offense rolling without their 22-year-old superstar. Coach Rick Carlisle was forced to extend Luka’s minutes, which caused his production to decline in the fourth quarter as fatigue played a factor.

The 2021 free-agent class is headlined by multiple veteran ball-handlers. Mike Conley is coming off an All-Star season in Utah where he averaged 16.2 points, 6.0 assists, 3.5 rebounds, and 1.4 steals in 29.4 minutes per game. The 6’1 guard is an elite shooter and floor spacer that can play on or off the ball. He would have no issues being the secondary creator when Luka’s on the floor and running the show when the Mavericks superstar rests.

Injuries knock Conley down this list slightly. He has played in just 180 games over the last four seasons combined. Hamstring issues plagued him throughout the year and even caused him to miss five games in the playoffs. The 33-year-old is a bit of a worry on that front.

The Jazz are in the driver’s seat to re-sign Mike Conley. They cleared a bit of extra cap space by trading away Derrick Favors on July 30. All signs point to him remaining in Utah, but the Dallas Mavericks will be interested if Conley leaves the door open.

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