Dallas Mavericks: Magic Johnson wants Luka Doncic on the Lakers

Dallas Mavericks: Magic Johnson wants Luka Doncic on the Lakers

The Dallas Mavericks helped Luka Doncic make an incredible leap in the 2019-2020 season. He went from Rookie of the Year to one of the five best players in the NBA. Doncic was named first-team All-NBA and finished fourth in MVP voting as he led the Mavs back to the playoffs. The 21-year-old was breathtaking on the floor.

Luka is not stopping here. The 21-year-old is already back to work on his game. Expect multiple new wrinkles in the 2021 season with the focus being on improving his 3-point and free throw efficiency while playing better team defense. Doncic took a step forward on D during the restart, but expect more to come.

Hall of Fame point guard Magic Johnson mentioned Luka Doncic on ESPN’s First Take when talking about the Los Angeles Lakers championship in 2020. Let us examine what happened.

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Magic Johnson wants Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic on the Lakers

Magic was talking about the Lakers’ success in 2020 and where they go from here. He discussed Anthony Davis taking the mantle from LeBron James when he retires. Max Kellerman mentions Luka coming to Los Angeles. That prompts Magic to say, “Luka come on to the Lakers. I like that.” Fans can listen to the entire segment here.

Every team in the NBA wants Doncic. The 21-year-old is the best young superstar in the league. Luka continues to produce historic numbers that are on pace with the first two years of LeBron James’ career. His continued growth will make him the best player in the NBA shortly. The Mavericks need to build a winner around him to keep Doncic in Dallas for the rest of his career.

Dallas Mavericks supporters should be excited about the upcoming season. The team should take another step forward as Luka Doncic makes a push to win MVP. There will be plenty of excitement, so do not miss it.

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