Dallas Mavericks: Tim Hardaway Jr. shows off style in best photos

Dallas Mavericks: Tim Hardaway Jr. shows off style in best photos

The Dallas Mavericks unlocked a new version of Tim Hardaway Jr. this season. His talent and skill were never in question. Hardaway Jr. averaged over 19 points per game with the Knicks before he traded to Dallas in Jan. 2019. The Mavs increased his efficiency and turned him into one of the best corner 3-pointers in the league playing off Luka Doncic which helped the team have the best offensive rating in the league.

Hardaway Jr. has a player option for next season at $18.975 million. The Mavericks are trying to keep cap space open for the 2021 offseason meaning they are unlikely to re-sign THJ if he opts out. Fans can read more about his decision here.

Before getting too caught up in the offseason, the Mavericks took a chance to look back. This time, Hardaway Jr. took center stage.

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Dallas Mavericks share the best Tim Hardaway Jr. photos of the season

Fans know THJ is one of the best dressers on the Mavs. They caught a few glimpses of his off-court style plus some in-game photos in best looks. See them all below.

The Mavericks have been showing off all of the team’s best pictures of the year. Fans can see Luka Doncic’s here. Hardaway Jr. may take the top prize, though. He had plenty of outstanding photos in the 2019-2020 season.

Hardaway’s decision will shape the Mavs offseason. If he opts out, Dallas will have cap space to acquire additional pieces. The Mavs are hoping he is back as their third scorer, but it will leave them with just the mid-level exception to add to their roster. The franchise is hoping to take the next step towards title contention in 2021. What happens this offseason will be a factor in how it all plays out, so stay tuned for all the latest.

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