Dallas Mavericks: Should they trade for Aaron Gordon? Will they?

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks Aaron Gordon (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Aaron Gordon (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Mavericks, Aaron Gordon
Dallas Mavericks Aaron Gordon (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /

Will the Dallas Mavericks trade for Aaron Gordon this offseason?

This may be the easier question to answer. Trading for Gordon eliminates their cap space in 2021 and pushes it to 2022. Luka Doncic will be on a max deal by that point meaning the Mavs will not have money to spend. The decision to trade for Gordon comes down to if the front office believes he is the missing piece that makes the Mavericks a championship team?

The answer to that question is likely no. Gordon would improve the Mavs significantly, but the fit would not be perfect. The forward is also not a star. There is room for Gordon to grow, but he has never been an All-Star or All-NBA performer. Right now, I’d put the likelihood of the Mavericks trading for Aaron Gordon this offseason at about two percent.

The Mavs will be active this summer. Fans know the front office is not afraid to pull off a deal that makes the team better. It is how they acquired their two current stars. Finding the right pieces will be the challenge for the Mavericks.

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Regardless, the future is bright in Dallas. Luka Doncic could become the best player in the NBA. Expect him to lead the Mavericks to a championship at some point. How they get there will be fun to enjoy, so stay tuned.