Dallas Mavericks: 10 players you forgot played for the team

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Dallas Mavericks Dennis Rodman PAUL BUCK/AFP via Getty Images)
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Dallas Mavericks: 10 players fans forget played for the team

The Dallas Mavericks became an expansion franchise in 1980. The 2020-2021 season will be their 40th. In that time, the Mavs have employed a ton of talent.

Nobody forgets Hall of Famers Steve Nash or Jason Kidd running the point in Dallas. Even fans too young to see it live have heard the stories. The Mavericks have retired the jerseys of Rolando Blackman, Derek Harper, and Brad Davis. Dirk Nowitzki will be next on that list and is a few years away from becoming a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Nobody forgets they played in Dallas.

The Mavericks have massive plans to honor their GOAT as soon as fans are allowed back inside the American Airlines Center. Nowitzki will be getting a statue outside the arena along with his jersey retirement. It will be a fantastic opportunity for fans to celebrate the legend.

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Even players like Shawn Marion and Vince Carter had a memorable run in Dallas despite having their best seasons elsewhere. Let us shine the light on players that fans may not remember playing in Dallas.

10 players you forgot played for the Dallas Mavericks

Over 39 seasons, there are players that slip through fans’ minds. Most of them are guys that had their best seasons in other uniforms only to make a cameo appearance in Dallas at some point in their career. Today, we honor ten of those men by looking back at their career and their stint with the Mavericks.

Note: Any player on the 2011 championship team was excluded from this list. Fans will never forget that season despite it having a few notable players that would have qualified for inclusion.

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