2020 NBA Draft: 5 players that will have the best careers in the class

2020 NBA Draft LaMelo Ball (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)
2020 NBA Draft LaMelo Ball (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images) /
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2020 NBA Draft
2020 NBA Draft Kira Lewis Jr. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

2020 NBA Draft prospect set for best career: 5. Kira Lewis Jr.

Lewis Jr. is unlikely to be selected in the top ten. That will turn out to be a mistake. The 19-year-old played two seasons of NCAA basketball but is the same age as a typical freshman.

Lewis Jr. also produced some of the best numbers this season. He averaged 18.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.2 assists, and 1.8 steals in 37.6 minutes per game. Lewis Jr. hit 45.9 percent of his field goals and shot 80.2 percent from the free throw line.

Watching the tape, his speed immediately stands out. The former Alabama guard is a nightmare to defend in transition. He also showed a strong handle and plus playmaking ability. Lewis Jr. can space the floor and shoot off the catch. That leaves any NBA team the option to play him on or off the ball.

The rapid improvement between his freshman and sophomore season is an important part of the equation too. The 19-year-old was one of the biggest risers in this class. Making the leap to being an All-Star or All-NBA takes hard work and ability to cut down on weaknesses. Kira Lewis Jr. has proven he is capable of doing just that.

He could easily end up having one of the best NBA careers in this draft class. His ability to shoot, score, make plays, and create turnovers should have executives taking another look before draft night. Lewis Jr. is certainly underrated right now.

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