Dallas Mavericks: Why the Mavs should trade for Derrick Rose

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Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks Derrick Rose (Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The Dallas Mavericks will be searching for upgrades ahead of the trade deadline. Here is a look at why acquiring Derrick Rose makes sense for Dallas.

The Dallas Mavericks enter Tuesday’s action fifth in the Western Conference. With a win over the Clippers, they would be just 1.5 games back of securing a homecourt series in the first round of playoffs.

The Mavs feel like a lock to qualify for the postseason. They have an eight-game advantage over the ninth seed as of Jan. 21. Dallas has also played without Luka Doncic or Kristaps Porzingis in 14 of their last 17 contests. The Mavericks have barely slipped in the standings which is a sign of a great team.

Doncic has become a walking triple-double. Fans tune in every night to see what he can produce next. Luka breaks records or puts up a stat line no player in NBA history has ever done on a nightly basis. It is incredible especially consider he doesn’t turn 21 years old for another month.

Porzingis has missed ten straight games, but he appears set to return against the Clippers on Tuesday. It will not be a moment too soon. The Mavs miss his rim protection and floor spacing. The 7’3 Unicorn is one of the most talented and unique players in the NBA.

The rumor mill is beginning to heat up ahead of the Feb. 6 trade deadline. On Monday, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported that multiple contenders want to acquire Derrick Rose from the Detroit Pistons. Fans can read the story here.

The Dallas Mavericks were not mentioned, but that does not mean they shouldn’t be interested. Here is a look at five reasons why Dallas should trade for D-Rose plus a deal that could get it done.

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