Dallas Mavericks: 3 things to be thankful for this season

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Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic Dirk Nowitzki Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Dallas Mavericks have been a blessed franchise for many years and the fans of the team should be thankful for many things related to the team.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you MFFLs out there who just can’t get enough Dallas Mavericks news, even on the holidays. Today is a great day to spend with loved ones, volunteer, enjoy good food, sit back and watch some football or whatever it is that you do to make it a tradition.

We here at The Smoking Cuban are thankful for you and your constant viewership over the years and we look forward to continually bringing you Mavs content everyday going forward.

Tradition is a great word and one that encompasses a lot of what we do during the holidays. From a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day to shopping the sales later that evening. From celebrating a present-bringing, bearded man sliding down our chimney to listening to the same 15 songs on repeat for an entire month. Whatever it is, we have our traditions and we don’t budge on them.

The Mavericks have built a cool tradition over the years as well. The tradition likely started before I was born, but it really hit home when Dirk Nowitzki became the Mavs lone superstar. Since drafting Dirk in the 1998 NBA Draft, the Mavs have not only had one of the best players in the league wearing the Mavericks name across his chest, they have also had a high quality individual leading the way.

With Dirk now retired, we get to see Luka Doncic carry that mantle. Although putting that kind of pressure on a 20-year old is a near impossible task, he has stepped into his role willingly and has proven that his character cannot be overstated. Dallas is spoiled, they have been spoiled, and here are three things that MFFLs should be thankful for from this team, this year.

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