Dallas Mavericks: 3 Things to Listen For on Media Day

By Isaac Harris
DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 26: Seth Curry /
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The Nerlens Noel Saga

Before the drawn out Nerlens Noel saga, the talk of media day was going to be centered around Dennis Smith Jr. and Dirk Nowitzki in his 20th season, but now Nerlens will take center stage.

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Noel hit free agency on July 1st like the rest of the free agent class but didn’t find himself signing a contract until he signed his one year qualifying offer on August 26th.

Media day will scour Noel on everything that happened in between.

Why did it take so long to sign? Why the qualifying offer? Why did you switch agents? What was the initial offer from the Dallas Mavericks?

The list of questions can go on and on…and they will on media day.

If there is a person that is planning out their answers to each question the most, it is Noel ahead of getting thrown to the media wolves on Monday.

For fans, it will provide a chance to hear from Nerlens and his side of the story. It will also be interesting to see what Carlisle and the crew have to say about it.

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Either way, media day is right around the corner with training camp the very next day. The new NBA season is upon us.