NBA2K18 Releases the All-Time Roster for Dallas Mavericks

By Isaac Harris
DALLAS - SEPTEMBER 30: Shawn Bradley
DALLAS - SEPTEMBER 30: Shawn Bradley /

NBA2K18 released their All-Time rosters for each franchise and the Dallas Mavericks had a few surprises on the list.

Just over a week ago, the 2K franchise announced there would be All-Time teams for each franchise that pieced together some of the best players throughout the franchise’s history.

Being a 2K gamer myself, I tried to create my own roster in that piece just over a week ago. You can see my predictions here.

On Thursday, 2K released the full roster for the Dallas Mavericks on their Facebook page.

Here are a few noteworthy things to mention when looking at the list.

-Neither Steve Nash or Jason Kidd as the starting point guard. Harper should be on the team definitely, but as the starting point guard?

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-People might complain about Bradley starting over Chandler but Bradley did play nine seasons in Dallas and is near the top in some statistical categories in franchise history.


-The debate on who should start over Mark Aguirre and Rolando Blackman was settled by having them both start.

-Personally, I would have Josh Howard or Shawn Marion over Jamal Mashburn, but I’m ok with Mashburn being on the team since he played the most seasons of his career in Dallas.


-Also, the ratings for Chandler and Finley seem low to me.

-Dirk Nowitzki should be a 98, but I’m not complaining…not too much at least.

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You can get your copy of NBA2K18 in stores for any console on September 19th.