Dallas Mavericks: A Few Remaining Possible Trades

By Kohl Rast
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 13: Fred VanVleet
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 13: Fred VanVleet /
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MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 02: Wesley Matthews
MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 02: Wesley Matthews /

The Dallas Mavericks are still looking to fill out the roster with one more roster spot and a two-way contract up for grabs. Are there still trade possibilities available for Dallas?

Slow offseasons are the worst, especially when you’re not used to them. The Dallas Mavericks are very clearly one of those teams that are so used to players coming in and out, that this summer has looked even more mundane than it really was.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 17: Devin Harris /

Aside from the addition of Dennis Smith Jr. and the contract (if we can even call it that) that Dirk Nowitzki signed, there really has been very little happening this summer for the Mavericks. The preseason has not yet begun, however, and the trade market is still there if Dallas feels the need to make a change. Although that feeling is unlikely, it is still interesting to explore some moves Dallas could make.

Trade rumors bounce around all over the place and most of them are a little bit crazy. Others make you think a little bit and consider all the options. Then there are some that seem so good for every team involved that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been considered yet. I am hoping to present one of each of those in this post.

The Mavs have made it fairly clear to this point that they like the team the way it is setup right now, Although a really good trade would quickly change their minds, it is likely that the current roster will be the roster going into the preseason. Some names are more likely to be moved than others like Dwight Powell, but for the most part, the Mavs are ready to start working towards the regular season.

Without further ado, here are three different trade scenarios that are possible, but vary in likelihood. All trades pass through ESPN’s Trade Machine, so the money works out for all three trades.