Top 10 Potential 2018 Free Agents For Dallas Mavericks

By Isaac Harris
OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 08: DeMarcus Cousins
OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 08: DeMarcus Cousins /
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ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 12: Aaron Gordon
ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 12: Aaron Gordon /

Aaron Gordon

If you know what the Orlando Magic are as a team, let me know, because I simply don’t.

The Magic are a weird team to predict as they don’t have a star player to build around and don’t have an elite, young prospect that they can build the offense around. Arguably their biggest asset is none other than dunk champion, Aaron Gordon.

Gordon is a 6’9″ POWER FORWARD, not small forward, that builds his game around his athleticism. We know he can dunk and be versatile on both ends of the floor, but his shooting is the biggest question mark going forward.

Gordon improved last year, but with the drafting of Jonathan Isaac in this year’s draft, Gordon could be in for a unique situation heading into the offseason with restricted free agency.

Would you throw big money at the 21-year-old dunk champion?