Dallas Mavericks: 3 Possible Reasons Why Nerlens Noel is Still a Free Agent

By Kohl Rast
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Nerlens Noel
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Nerlens Noel /
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 27: Nerlens Noel /

3. The Mavs want to give Noel freedom as opposed to locking him in a house until he signs the contract

This one is a simple theory and I think makes as much sense as any. The Mavericks have made their case and have made it clear to Nerlens that he is their number one priority in this offseason. Now that he knows that, they are giving him a chance to spread his wings and be a free agent for the first time.

Although that first time is not really what free agency is all about, it gives the Mavericks the opportunity to show both trust and loyalty. It’s not like any big name teams have come calling for Noel. His services are mostly sought after by lower level teams, helping him understand that Dallas is now his home.

A lot of people do not realize how far trust can go in an organization. Most teams have not seen the craziness that can ensue during the offseason like the Mavericks have. We either had the choice of being bitter or being the better man and forgetting the past to give the players here a chance to bloom.

This theory relies on the fact that Noel is skeptical about everything with free agency, which is not a guarantee. It can’t be easy signing a contract for the next 4-5 years of your life, and it makes it even more difficult when you’re only 23 years old. This is all speculation, but I believe is a very reasonable guess at what is going on now.

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There is no telling what is actually happening between Noel and Dallas right now, all we know is that there is still no deal in place. No matter how it all turns out, though, Nerlens Noel is going to be a Dallas Maverick for awhile.