Dallas Mavericks: 3 Possible Reasons Why Nerlens Noel is Still a Free Agent

By Kohl Rast
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Nerlens Noel
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Nerlens Noel /
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SACRAMENTO, CA – APRIL 4: Nerlens Noel
SACRAMENTO, CA – APRIL 4: Nerlens Noel /

The Dallas Mavericks and Nerlens Noel have still not been able to put pen to paper on a contract deal, which has concerned many Mavs fans. The problem is, there is still no explanation given by the team as to why.

Nerlens Noel is still a hot topic in Dallas and across the league. As a restricted free agent, the Dallas Mavericks have the ability to match any offer sheet that Noel may agree to with another team. The thing is, Noel hasn’t agreed to anything.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 17: Jahlil Okafor
PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 17: Jahlil Okafor /

The fact that it is this far into free agency and the Mavs still do not have a deal with Noel is a bit concerning undoubtedly, but the fact that Noel will be back in Dallas next season seems to still be a constant in everyone’s mind. So the concern is there, but we can still be happy with the fact that he will be back.

Nerlens was traded to the Dallas Mavericks right before the trade deadline last season in a blockbuster deal in exchange for Andrew Bogut’s contract, Justin Anderson, and two 2nd round draft picks. This move was a big steal by Dallas and continues to receive praise from all around the league.

There are a lot of potential explanations as to why the talks have been so slow, and each one has enough reason to be believable. You would think that contract talks would at least be headed in the right direction between the two parties, but it sounds more like they haven’t hardly even started.

Without a real inside source with the situation, this is all speculation. Everything has been pretty quiet with the Mavs, which is pretty typical, except for the one constant that Noel will be in a Mavericks uniform next season.

Here are my top three possible explanations as to why this deal is taking so long to gain traction.