3 Players Not Named Josh McRoberts Mavs Could’ve Called About

By Kohl Rast
BOSTON, MA - MAY 19: Marcus Smart
BOSTON, MA - MAY 19: Marcus Smart /
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BOSTON, MA – MAY 25: Marcus Smart
BOSTON, MA – MAY 25: Marcus Smart /

Marcus Smart

The best player on this list would undoubtedly be Marcus Smart from Boston. Although news of Boston’s trading of Avery Bradley would make this trade unnecessary, it is all hypothetical anyways since Dallas already bit on Josh McRoberts.

Smart was a very important asset to the Eastern Conference’s top-seeded Boston Celtics. He came off the bench and kept the offense running while also being an important playmaker on both ends of the court. Smart’s perimeter defense would be an important piece to the puzzle but is valuable to Boston too, probably making him a slightly more difficult piece to move.

The Mavericks would do well with a bonafide guard off the bench. As it sits right now, the Mavs would most likely be coming in with Yogi Ferrell and Seth Curry off the bench. Although these two are awesome players who are going to have great seasons, Smart is arguably the best of the 3 and would be a key contributor on both ends of the court for Dallas.

This deal could have worked because of the deal struck between Boston and Gordon Hayward. It was time for the Celtics to move some money off the docket and Smart would be one of the first to be moved in that case. Had this happened before the Avery Bradley deal, Dallas could have been a candidate to land a good player like Smart.

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Obviously none of this matters now that the Dallas Mavericks have agreed to the terms of the Josh McRoberts deal, but it is interesting to see other teams with players in the same pay range that could have been on the trade market. The Mavs front office never does run out of surprises.