3 Players Not Named Josh McRoberts Mavs Could’ve Called About

By Kohl Rast
BOSTON, MA - MAY 19: Marcus Smart
BOSTON, MA - MAY 19: Marcus Smart /
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NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 25: Wayne Ellington
NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 25: Wayne Ellington /

The Dallas Mavericks went from nothing going in free agency to a deal already struck in what seems to be a blink of an eye. Although the Josh McRoberts trade doesn’t really hurt the team, there has to have been possibilities that would’ve helped the squad, right?

It was made pretty clear to Mavs fans early on that the Dallas Mavericks wanted to keep this offseason fairly quiet. Limited cap space and deals that needed some time to develop made this summer somewhat of a rumor-filled newsfeed with little credibility all around. It’s fun to speculate but the team was hardly involved in any of those topics.

MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 26: A portrait of Josh McRoberts
MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 26: A portrait of Josh McRoberts /

That is until yesterday when the Mavericks went from talking to no one to striking a deal that will bring Josh McRoberts to Dallas in exchange for A.J. Hammons. The deal looks confusing on paper and that’s mostly because it really was confusing all around. Using the trade exception makes some sense, but the future 2nd rounder does not help the team much.

The only real reason that seems to make any sense is getting Hammons guaranteed deal off the books next year. With that, Dallas will have some more cap flexibility, but again it just doesn’t make a lot of sense all the way around. You would think that if Dallas is finally going to bite on a deal, it would be for someone they really are interested in as a player, and McRoberts doesn’t seem like that kind of guy to me.

Now this deal is just waiting for league approval but it will undoubtedly be going through very soon. Should the Mavericks have looked around the league to see other contracts in McRoberts range that could have fit into the team a little bit better? Here is a short list of possible players Dallas could have called,