Dallas Mavericks: Smaller Name Players Still on the Board

By Kohl Rast
DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 07: Mike Muscala
DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 07: Mike Muscala /
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ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 16: Jared Sullinger
ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 16: Jared Sullinger /

Jared Sullinger  (25)

Jared Sullinger is an interesting player with an interesting career to this point, and I’m really not sure what to think of him yet, but I do know that he was a player people were looking forward to coming out of college, and that he is only 25 years old. Sullinger played his first 4 seasons with the Celtics before joining the Raptors this last season. Toronto rarely used the big man.

Despite being completely under-utilized last season, Sullinger had a few really good years with Boston. He averaged over 13 points and nearly 8 rebounds per game between the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons before taking a bit of a back seat in Boston. His shooting percentage has always been a little average, but he is capable of providing valuable minutes for his team.

The Mavericks would like Sullinger because of his scoring ability and the fact that he could get valuable minutes at the power forward spot or even a stretch center. Having a scoring threat like Sullinger off the bench could be really good for Dallas but would probably make Dwight Powell a little bit more obsolete for the Mavs.

This would not work because other teams are also going to see Jared Sullinger’s value. Although he is not the cream of the crop, he is definitely a capable bench player when utilized the right way. After a disappointing season for him, there is a definite possibility that his contract will be very doable for Dallas, but every other team is going to be able to say the same thing.

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Obviously none of these guys are going to be getting all-star appearances with the Dallas Mavericks, but there are definite opportunities for all of these guys who would fill certain needs for the Mavs. They may not target any of them, but if the Mavs do, it should come as no surprise to anyone.