5 Late Lottery Draft Targets for Dallas Mavericks

By Isaac Harris
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NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Arizona
NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Arizona /

2.) Lauri Markkanen, Forward (Arizona)

Markkanen is a 7-foot sniper who is a freshman at Arizona and has watched his draft stock only rise over the last month. He is logging over 30 minutes a game and is putting up 17 points and 7 rebounds a game.

Chad Ford: “Markkanen has been terrific for the Wildcats in the early going. He’s shooting 44 percent from 3 and he plays with an elite basketball IQ.”

Chris Stone: “As a 7-footer, Markkanen has made 46.5 percent of his 86 3-point attempts this season. His past performances in European competitions and his 82.5 free throw percentage suggest that his shooting is not just a flash in the pan. Markkanen’s ability to shoot in pick-and-pop situations and coming off of screens makes him a difficult matchup for opposing power forwards because of his mobility.”

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