Dallas Mavericks: Four Players to Monitor at Trade Deadline

By Isaac Harris
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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors
NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors /

Jonas Valanciunas

When you have success for multiple years, financial binds are bound to happen and it could happen in Toronto sooner than later.

Toronto signed Valanciunas to a contract extension back in the fall of 2015 where he will make over $14 million over the next four years. Then they went out and re-signed DeMar DeRozan to a max contract this past summer. Now Kyle Lowry hits free agency this summer where he will likely demand a max contract similar to DeRozan.

But lets say that Toronto goes all in this year and makes a trade for a player like Paul Millsap. If that’s the case, then either Valanciunas or Carroll could be the odd man out. Then add in the improving play of Lucas Nogueira, with the possibility of getting another big back in the deal similar to Andrew Bogut, and Valanciunas could be a financial casualty.

Valanciunas leaving Toronto is unlikely, but still worth monitoring as Toronto has some financial decisions to make.

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