Dallas Mavericks: Best Return on Investment Ranking 5.0

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The BROIR Report

(Best Return on Investment Ranking)

As the slump continues for the Dallas Mavericks, questions about the investments in the current roster, become the focal point. Was Wesley Matthews worth the hefty price Dallas gave him? Is Chandler Parsons worth a maximum contract? Why the acquisitions of four average point guards?

The Mavericks must now scratch and fight their way to earn a playoff spot. If possible, they would like to avoid playing the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors, in the first round. They played a decent game with them in Dallas Friday night, but certainly would not last seven games.

Here is the final BROIR Report before the season ends. How each Maverick player can fare in the last month of the season, may or may not change their rank, as the front office weights their long-term future with the organization.

The BROIR Report, or Best Return on Investment Ranking, tries to measure what the organization is getting for its money. The return is the Player Impact Estimate. The investment is the player’s annual salary, i.e. BROIR=PIE/Salary.

NBA.com mentions that a good player generally has a PIE of 10 or greater. With an average salary in the NBA currently just short of $5 Million, the goal here is a player with a BROIR of 2.0 or greater.

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