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NBA Free Agency: 5 Things to Know About Patrick Beverley

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The Rondo experiment went down in flames two games into the playoffs, so the Dallas Mavericks’ search for a long-term solution point guard continues, as it has ever since Jason Kidd left. Devin Harris has shown himself to be a capable and versatile backup for both guard positions, but the Mavericks will likely look to find another starting point guard this offseason.

Patrick Beverley would seem to fill many of the roles the Mavericks are looking for in a starting point guard, but there are a lot of moving parts that would have to align for him to end up with the team.

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Point guard is one of the deepest positions in the league, and one of the most glaring holes in the Mavericks’ current makeup. Assuming the Mavericks don’t retain Monta and try to use him as the de facto point guard, they find themselves in a similar situation to the one they were in at the start of last year: needing to upgrade the starting point guard spot in order to propel themselves to the top tier of the Western Conference.

Here are five things to know about restricted free agent Patrick Beverley

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