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NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs. Rockets Round 1 Forecast


It’s Spring severe weather season in Texas. More importantly, it’s NBA playoff season. In a nod to the clashing of these two seasons, The Smoking Cuban gives you the Mavericks vs. Rockets round 1 forecast:

1.) MARGINAL – a chance we’ll see some James Harden flopping. Isolated severe flopping possible.

The league’s front-runner for MVP is also the series’ frontrunner to be the MVP of flopping. While it was a toss up – it’s almost guaranteed we’ll see more Harden flops than defense stops. Fans in the viewing area should expect strong falls, hard fouls, and a general Jello-like stance from Harden … all overtly exaggerated! After all, who could forget this gem from the Mavs/Rockets meeting back in November?

2.) SLIGHT – risk of chipiness and overall distaste for one another. Scattered severe fights/violence possible.

This is inter-state. This is north 1-45 vs. south I-45. This is bound to get chippy. Extra violent, pushing, shoving, trash-talking chippy. Don’t take my word for it, just watch Monta and Beverley going at it back at the beginning of the season:

3.) ENHANCED – chance of persistent, lively Tyson Chandler defense. Numerous blocks possible.

The 7-foot center is in prime playoff mode. He’s lively, he’s angry, and he’s been turbo-charged in April. Houston better be ready for lots of these:

4.) MODERATE – chance of seeing multiple game-winning, clutch shots. Severe daggers likely.

If history tells us anything, the Wurzburg wonder comes alive in the playoffs. Fans should prepare for the likelihood of multiple daggers from Dirk, Monta, & the rest of the Mavs. It’s happened. Before. Recently. Remember Vince? Remember THIS?

5.) HIGH – chance of seeing Dirk … do Dirk. Widespread one-legged fade-aways expected.

 It’s the playoffs. It’s Dirk. It’s the trademark. It’s often imitated but never duplicated. It’ll happen, multiple times – the one legged fade-away. Expect it.

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