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NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs. Rockets Game 1 – 2nd Half Highlights


Despite 24 points from the Mavericks’ G.O.A.T., things didn’t end up quite the way we hoped in Game 1 of the 1st round NBA playoff series in the battle of Mavericks vs. Rockets. A slow 1st quarter was followed up by a similarly slow 3rd quarter. All the way the Mavericks were plagued by bad defensive rotations, amazing amounts of unforced turnovers, & generally bad shooting. The result? A Mavs loss 118-108.

79. . 118. 169. 108

Below are the highlights from the second half of action from Game 1:

After some early 3rd quarter turnovers, angry Dirk arrived in full glory.

Missed defensive assignments happened all night. One such occurrence led to this Dirk/Chandler exchange:

Then there was hope Monta would come alive late … but he didn’t. But he did have this gem.

Then, ex- Mav Corey Brewer went crazy in the 4th. Literally. And, ALL hope of a game 1 win was lost.

And, of course, the Houston fans were the epitome of class the entire way. Until Game 2, stay classy Houston.

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