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Dallas vs. Houston: Mavericks’ Roster Breakdown

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The NBA playoffs are here, and the Mavs hope to make another run at an NBA title. Despite falling short in the previous few seasons, Dallas is aiming to recreate the storybook run of 2011, and they may have the right pieces to do just that. This team is bursting at the seams with talent in the forms of a champion point guard, a scoring machine of a shooting guard, a full-court threat of a small forward, a legendary power forward, a dominant center, and an dynamic (sometimes) bench.

Dirk, Tyson, JJ, and Rondo have been fortunate enough to taste the ultimate victory and are regarded as postseason veterans, while players like Al-Farouq Aminu (first playoff appearance) are not quite as accustomed to the nature of the NBA Playoffs. Despite their minimal experience, playoff newbies can make or break a series and turn into stars (see: Kawhi Leonard, Rajon Rondo, Bradley Beal, etc.), and experienced veterans can take their games to a whole new level (see: 2011 Dirk, 2000 Shaq, Michael Jordan literally every year, etc.).

Which Mavericks will play the most vital roles in the postseason?

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