Cancer Loses; Welcome Back Craig Sager

In a sport where players can blow out a knee, roll ankles on a nightly basis or fall hard to the ground to who knows what kind of injury, there is no comparison to what everyone’s favorite crazy suit wearing charismatic dominating sideline reporter Craig Sager has gone through in the past year plus.

On April 17, 2014 Sager was diagnosed with leukemia.

For the full story (which is a must read) our parent –Sports Illustrated– detailed the incredible narrative between Craig Sager, his heroic son Craig Sager Jr. and the fight for his very life here.

Also check out the really incredible interview by Ernie Johnson, the voice of TNT’s 8-time Emmy Award Winning pre and post game basketball talk show (Johnson as a host has two Emmy’s himself) Inside the NBA, who sat down with a recovering Sager during the Christmas broadcast.

Ernie Johnson himself is an amazing story, he fought and beat the evil that is cancer in 2003. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was off the air for four months but sorry cancer, you can’t have him either.

Craig Sager returns to our lives tonight, healthy and happy, to cover the Thunder-Bulls game. (The Mavs play the nightcap in Portland)

I love basketball. If you’re reading this you do, too.

Craig Sager loves it more than all of us. He’s dedicated his life to making the NBA, MLB, college sports and other places across the beautiful sports realm a more enjoyable and (much, much) more entertaining experience for fans, players, coaches, the whole basketball world and community.

And he’s back tonight.

Craig Sager wins. Cancer loses. We all win with Craig Sager back in our lives.



Asher “Ace” Feltma