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Dallas Mavericks: Looking Ahead At Remaining Schedule

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With a 36-19 record, the Dallas Mavericks played more games (55) before the All-Star Break than anyone in the NBA outside of the Orlando Magic. That means over the remaining 42 days in the regular season, the Mavs only have 27 games left, 15 of them at the AAC, and 15 days of rest.

Now, is this an advantage or disadvantage for Dallas?

Short answer – yes.

Dallas made the biggest blockbuster trade of the season in December when it traded for Rajon Rondo, but the bench was blown up in the process. As we all know, it took and is taking time for the Mavs’ offense to get in sync with Rondo, especially considering his recent facial injuries. The high volume of games before the All-Star Break did not give the Mavericks much opportunity to practice with its new-look roster, forcing them to learn chemistry on the fly.

With 15 off-days the rest of the way, there will be opportunities for the Mavericks to fit in practice time and speed up the synchronization process. With Amare Stoudemire joining the mix as well, this could be crucial.

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However, the low number of remaining games gives the Mavs less breathing room. If it takes Dallas some time to gel again with Rondo returning and Amare joining the fray, there is not a lot of opportunity to make up ground while other teams in the West potentially keep winning (which, let’s face it, they just keep doing).

Fortunately for Dallas, the odds of missing the playoffs entirely are low, even in a ridiculously congested Western Conference. The Mavs sit 6.5 games in front of the 8th seeded Suns and 7 games in front of the 9th seeded Thunder.

So let’s take a quick look at the Mavericks’ remaining schedule month-by-month and break down the degree of difficulty between now and a probable post-season berth.

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