Western Conference All All-Star Snub Team

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The Western Conference was going to have snubs, several of them, no matter what.

There’s only 12 spots on the All-Star team and five are still stupidly voted in by fans. This makes picking the seven reserves (done by the coaches) an even more daunting process because the fan selections have likely selected a player who mucks the whole thing up.

Lucky for the voting process, Kobe Bryant got hurt.

And perhaps fortunate for the huge amount of snubs, we had several other injuries take place thus opening up roster spots for deserving players that simply missed the cut by the numbers game.

Let’s take a look at the initial roster.

*denotes a fan-voted in starter

*Stephen Curry (leading vote getter in the whole league, surpassing LeBron James)

*Kobe Bryant

*Anthony Davis

*Blake Griffin

*Marc Gasol

And the bench, the seven coach selections that happened a week later.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Tim Duncan

Kevin Durant

James Harden

Chris Paul

Klay Thompson

Russell Westbrook

The snubs were a’plenty, but even more injuries opened up some roster spots for a few of those to earn an All-Star Game appearance. All three injuries would come from the starting lineup, pushing three reserves in and three spots now vacant.

DeMarcus Cousins replaced Kobe Bryant, earning a well deserved first trip to the NBA’s February showcase.

Damian Lillardwhether it was the letter or not – got in as well, replacing Blake Griffin.

The final replacement was the biggest shocker of them all. Anthony Davis was announced as unable to partake in Sunday’s contest as recently as late as Wednesday Night, just a day and one Bulls-Cavs matchup from the festivities kicking off in New York City.

The final spot went to Mike Conley, Monta Ellis, Zach Randolph Dirk Nowitzki!

*replacements picked by Commissioner Adam Silver*

This decision marked the 13th All-Star Game appearance for the future Hall of Famer and NBA’s 7th all-time leading scorer. Deserving? As a lifetime achievement award, abso-frikkin-lutely. But #41 himself will be the first to tell you the Memphis Grizzlies were more deserving to add an All-Star as well as his own teammate and running mate Monta Ellis was more deserving of breaking his drought of near-misses at All-Star Weekend.

Alas, Dirk is in, grabbing that final spot. And we know now who is out, so let’s form a 2015 NBA All All-Star Snub Team!

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