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Week #1: Move over, Lob City

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The Weekly Recap is a bullet-point style collection of takeaways from each week, categorized by game.

Team News

  • JJ BAREA IS BACK. Love him or hate him, everyone’s favorite Puerto Rican baller is back in DFW! After waiving Gal Mekel, Dallas signed guard JJ Barea to a one-year contract on Wednesday. Who could forget Barea’s postseason heroics in 2011 and the unstoppable Dirk-Barea pick & roll that gave the Lakers nightmares? Former Mavs returning to Dallas have thrived (Kidd, Harris). Maybe Barea will follow suit.
Believe it or not, Dirk Nowitzki cannot rap. At all.

During one of the timeouts of Dallas vs. Utah, the AAC released

a parody music video

featuring Dirk, Monta, and Parsons, titled “Can’t Be Stopped.” Needless to say, it was


. The trio likely adopted the name “Run DMC” after being inspired by

Jason Gallagher’s

incredible photoshop edit:

All credit to Jason Gallagher.

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