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Mavericks Jameer Nelson signing isn’t as good as people think


The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly close to a deal with free agent point guard Jameer Nelson for the cap room exception of $2.7 million. Is it just me or are people way too excited about this move?

Nelson is a good shooter and passer that can handle the ball and bring experience to the Mavs. While that is what the Mavericks were looking for, Nelson lacks one major thing: size.

The Mavericks, with Jameer Nelson, will have a four guard rotation of Nelson, Raymond Felton, Devin Harris, and Monta Ellis. And it seems like Cuban doesn’t want to trade Felton either, so that’s probably going to be the Mavericks guard rotation for next season.

The tallest player out of those four is Monta Ellis at only 6’3″. And the only guard that’s at least a decent option on defense is Devin Harris. But even he can’t guard the likes of James Harden, Danny Green, or Klay Thompson.  Size and defense are definitely going to be issues this year for Dallas in the backcourt. They’ll have to end up playing a lot of small ball and fast-paced offense, which might not work with Dirk’s old legs.

While the Mavericks have been pretty successful so far this offseason because of Tyson Chandler Parsons, it probably would’ve been smarter to go after a bigger guard like Jordan Crawford. Also, Ray Allen, who probably would’ve been a better choice too, was apparently offered a deal by the Mavs, but clearly Dallas has moved on with Nelson.

However, with all that being said, Jameer Nelson is still a decent addition for the Mavericks. He gives the Mavs much needed shooting, especially after Rashard Lewis’ deal was voided because of knee surgery, and he is probably a better passing point guard than Devin Harris or Raymond Felton. I could see Nelson and Tyson Chandler clicking very well.

The Mavericks are definitely a better team than last year, but losing Vince Carter, and probably Shawn Marion too, hurts. They might have addressed their need of perimeter shooting with Jameer Nelson, but Dallas is going to be a have a tough time guarding some of those Western Conference shooting guards.