2014 NBA Free Agency: Who’s still out there

By Brian Gosset

With free agency into its second week, officially, most of the big names out there have found work.

Teams aren’t finished yet, discussing offers, sign-and-trades and block-buster deals (most notably Love and Rondo).

Here’s a list of where some notable names are going for next season…

James– CLE

Melo– NYK

Bosh– MIA

Pau Gasol- CHI

Pierce- WSH

Parsons– DAL

Deng– MIA

Ariza– HOU

So who’s left on the table?

Well, we start with Dwyane Wade, who hasn’t come up with any price yet, but there’s no question he’s returning to Miami with Chris Bosh.

After him, the three that stand out are Eric Bledsoe (RFA), Greg Monroe (RFA) and Lance Stephenson (UFA).

The Dallas Mavericks have signed Chandler Parsons, Richard Jefferson and traded for Tyson Chandler, but are looking to make more moves for a couple more players.

DeJuan Blair remains on the list as Dallas and Washington attempt a sign-and-trade that will bring in more money.

Dallas has two minimum salaries and its $2.7 million cap-room exception left.

Mo Williams remains on the Mavs list, along with Lance Stephenson and now Mike Miller, formerly of the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies.

Speaking of Grizzlies, Dallas lost Vince Carter, who signed a three-year deal with Memphis.

Shawn Marion is also out there, but most likely moving forward without Dallas.

Remaining Free Agents….

Wade (U)

Bledsoe (R)

Monroe (R)

Marion (U)

Stephenson (U)

Miller (U)

Williams (U)

Turner  (U)

Bayless (U)

Aminu (U)

Stuckey (U)

Nelson (U)

Sessions (U)

Allen (U) *Debating retirement

Humphries (U)

Blatche (U)

Bynum (U)

Jordan Crawford (U)

It’s also been said that the Mavericks would like to get Rondo in a trade OR wait until he becomes a free agent next summer and Crawford is also on Cuban’s mind.

Others that have popped up on the Mavs’ radar include Jeff Teague of the Hawks.

We expect for Cuban and Donnie to make a few more splashes before it’s all said and done.