Grade The Mavericks: Brandan Wright

By Rami Michail

Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over and all we can do is either look back or look ahead. We’re going to take some time to look back and grade the Dallas Mavericks.

The Wright Stuff never gets old.

Brandan Wright: 9.1 points, 67.7% fg, 4.2 rebounds, .9 blocks

Ace Feltman (@MFFeLtman): B- Brandan Wright possesses something that very few big men in the National Basketball Association have – a finesse touch around the rim. But nobody’s perfect, which is why the Mavericks rotated big after big after big in the 5 spot, and Wright’s faults seem to be a permanent part of the package. He’s a very poor rebounder and defender, but he can alley oop with the best of them!

Brian Gosset (@Gosset41): A- I love Wright. I love his athleticism and his length. It’s something the Mavs lack, but what he lacks is in weight and muscle. If he can come back next season with 20-30 more pounds of muscle, he can be a big force.

Bailey Rogers (@BRogers789): B- I’m a huge Brandan Wright homer. I love his athleticism and when he does that thing where he jumps 30 feet in the air to catch an alley oop and the slam it home with one hand. That said, it felt like he disappeared a lot this year. And he isn’t getting any better at defense. I think Wright is the perfect energy backup big if the Mavs can find a quality defense & rebounding starting center. I would love to see Wright as Dirk’s primary backup, but I doubt Carlisle will abandon the “Wright is a center” philosophy any time soon.

Jose De Leon (@JoseOfLion06): B I’m going to go ahead and say Wright would be nearly unstoppable if he added about 40 pounds. How many more alley-oop dunks would we see if he could just hold his own on the defensive end? He can change the momentum of a game with an emphatic, high-flying dunk but can help give it away just as easily when the other team’s big man is manhandling him in the post.