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Dallas Mavericks Season Grades


Dirk Nowitzki – B –
After beginning the season completely out of shape and out of sorts, Dirk played his way back into shape and became the player the Mavericks need every season to have a chance at postseason glory. His rebounding numbers dipped a lot and his scoring also slowed, but he is still the guy in Dallas.

Jason Kidd – C +
He had his worst statistical season as a pro. Simple as that. Only averaging 5.5 assists per game while also contributing two turnovers per game does not translate into a successful point guard season. Shooting 36% from the field doesn’t help your case either. His contract is off the Mavs books, although he has expressed interest in remaining in Dallas as a backup PG.

Shawn Marion – B
He put forth his lowest scoring average through a regular season since his rookie year. However, he also led the team in rebounding averaging 7.4 per game at the SF position. He still is the team’s best on-ball defender and contributes in many aspects of the game, but unless his scoring rises next year he will be headed on a sharp decline.

Lamar Odom – F
Instead of acting like a profesional athlete, he decided his reality show would take center stage. In reality, we all know reality TV is not truly reality because the presence of a camera invokes acting. Well, Lamar was so used to acting, he didn’t know how to just ‘be’. His breakdown and inexcusable lack of production held this team back for the majority of the season. It’s a good thing this marriage is set to end.

Jason Terry – B+
He had another stellar year off the bench and kept this team afloat down the stretch of the regular season. He is set to become a free agent as well and the Mavericks should reach out to make this work. He is too valuable of a player for this team and he is definitely a fan favorite. He averaged 15 points, 4 assists and shot 38% from long distance.