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Nowitzki is of the opinion that in most of the Mavericks’ 16 losses, they have been their own worst enemy.

“There are not a lot of losses this year where I’d say, ‘Hey, they really earned this one,’ ” Nowitzki said. “Every team in the league always feels like, unless you get blown out, that you’ve given it away. We had our chances [against Phoenix].” (DallasNews)

This guy has a knack for hitting the nail right on the head. In many of the games that the Mavs have lost they gave it away late; sometimes they nearly gave it away in some of their wins too.  For players and fans alike this is one of the most frustrating things about sports. To know that you really are that good, but not able t put it together is frustrating to say the least. With such a talented roster, like the Mavericks have, it would not be inconceivable for them to be a front runner to win it all. They began the season with 12:1 odds and are currently given 15:1 odds. Strange that a team that has been the second best in the Western Conference for most of the season (now third, a game behind the Denver Nuggets), has actually lost ground.

The reason pretty much is just what Dirk said- the Mavericks are not closing games out. Their Thursday loss to the Suns was a perfect example. With a  6 point lead going into the fourth Dallas appeared to be in good shape, and with the luck the Mavericks have had on the road most of the season it would seem a foregone conclusion that they were in perfect position for another road win. Instead, they failed to put the ball in the basket, scoring only 16 while allowing the Suns to pull out a six point win with a 28 point quarter.

Maybe this means that they will start winning more at home if they are going to lose on the road…