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Tough Start to the New Year


Cuban should be glad that most of Dallas and the free world were paying attention to that other professional sports franchise that happened to also be playing a game at the same time his Mavericks were Saturday night. The team lost to the Utah Jazz 93-111.

So far the Mavericks are 3-2 in 2010, having beat the Spurs Thursday night (112-103), the Pistons on Tuesday (98-93), and the Kings to open the year on January 2nd (99-91). The going is not looking to get any easier for the rest of the month.

L.A. spanked Dallas a few days agoon their home court and look to do it again this coming Wednesday in Dallas. That will be followed by a home game against the improving Thunder before the team departs on a 5 game road trip against the high scoring Raptors, the always tough Celtics, another high scoring team in the Wizards, and two not so challenging teams (76ers and Knicks).

The Mavs could conceivably go undefeated on the road trip, but no game will be easy. Toronto and Washington can put up a ton of points, something that the Dallas offense has not done lately. Even though the Celtics are going through some injury woes they will still present a big challenge. At the end of a long trip it would not be surprising for the guys to have an off night and possibly fall to inferior teams like Philly and New York.

This is where the structure of the NBA season will definitely benefit the Mavericks. There record currently stands at 25-12, good enough to lead their division and be second only to the Lakers in the conference. Right now the team is not playing its best ball and it has a heck of a schedule in front of it. However, even if the team were to lose the next 2 at home and 5 on the road that would have them sitting at 25-19, a 57% winning percentage which is better than their in-state rival the Houston Rockets (currently seventh in the conference).

So basically, you guys have time to get it together.