The Smoking Cuban
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You da man, Cuban!


Love him or hate him, you have to give Mark Cuban some credit. Throughout all his antics, complaining, and tirades he has at least been entertaining himself if the team on the court was not.

When he bough these guys ten years ago yesterday, he had bought the cellar dwellers of the league, constantly in contention for the top pick in the draft and generally just not very good. He knew he was overpaying for these guys when he got them from another guy in Texas that use to love to talk, Ross Perot, and paid a record amount at the time of $280 million. Since then the team has lost money in revenue, but has undoubtedly appreciated more than enough to cover the loss.

Regardless of how the team has played, Mark Cuban has brought attention to the court. Sometimes he did so by sounding like a whiny, little, billionaire b*tch and other times it was because he was getting body slammed on WWE RAW. he has never been afraid to speak his mind, even when it would end up costing him a pretty penny for doing so. it takes guts to be willing to stand up against the system and have your voice heard. It helps to have  a few billion in your pocket to help pay the fines that will get levied against you too.

You have to hand it to the guy for being willing to do what ever it takes to keep himself and his team in the public eye. Love him or hate him, he has helped make basketball fun to watch in Dallas once again. Can you imagine what he would do to baseball if he got a hold of one of the MLB teams? Or what if he bought an NFL team? Sure would make for an interesting owners meeting with Jerry Jones in the room. Hey…that would make for a hell of a pay per view event…