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1-1 in 2010


Dirk, maybe there is a reason why the other guys let you do so much.

Two games into the new year and the Mavericks seem to be searching for some form of identity. One decent quarter allowed them to sneak past a sub-par team in the Sacramento Kings Saturday night. Apparently the half hearted play continued the next night when they got to L.A., except this time the other team had talent and it showed.

To say the Lakers gave them a whupping would be an understatement.Kidd forgot how to score and Marion and Gooden did not fare much better. Jason Terry, usually one of the more reliable scorers barely managed ten on the night. The thirteen point first quarter was just embarrassing. To tack on insult to injury, Dirk outscored the rest of the starters with 16 by 5 points in the first half (the rest had only 11).

Dallas played the Lakers well earlier this season giving the fans reason to believe that maybe this could be the year that the team will really be able to compete once the playoffs start.  Beating a team like  L.A. is a good indicator of where the team is at; heck, if they had even been competitive it would have been a good indicator. To make a move on the title the Mavericks are going to have to best a team like the Lakers. With the effort that the team turned in Sunday fans are left wondering if that game was a fluke or if the one back in October was.

Hopefully we will see the team we all know and love return to their dominant ways on Tuesday when they face off against the Pistons.