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Sometimes you have to Complain!


It is nice to be considered the man; to be the go to guy. A guy like Iverson would love to be on a team that looked at him that way (like in the early days of his career when he was a bad, bad man- which I mean in the Run D.M.C way).

Over the course of an 82 game season and then the ‘second season’ or playoffs it can tend to grind on a guy. Basketball is supposed to be a team sport after all. Kobe did not win a thing until he got some help; neither did Jordan.

Neither will Nowitzki who let it be known recently that he’s not too keen about the team deferring to him too much. If the last two games are any indication it may seem as if the rest of the guys are finally starting to pay heed.

Nowitzki did not lead in any of the major categories Saturday in the Maverick’s win against the Grizzlies (106-101). With the team only up by two going into the fourth conventional wisdom would have the ball going to Dirk on most trips down the court. Instead, Dirk did not score again as Jason Terry and Josh Howard took over the fourth, Terry accounting for 12 points and Howard 8.

In a Sunday night win over the Nuggets it was more of the same. Drew Gooden and Nowitzki traded places on the stat sheet, with Gooden leading all scorers with 19 points and Dirk leading the team in rebounds with 11.

What is more telling about the two wins and just how much of a team effort that they turned in is the number of scorers in double figures-7 on both nights, all the starters and two bench players against the Grizzlies and four starters and three bench players against the Nuggets.
See what happens when you speak up, Dirk? Now just don’t tell our wives and girlfriends complaining works or we’ll never hear the end of it!