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Should have listened to the Fresh Prince!


Will Smith, aka the Fresh Prince, said it best in one of his early rap hits, “…the girls of the world ain’t nothing but trouble.” He didn’t mean to bust anyone’s bubble; man was just speaking the truth.

Dirk Nowitzki would agree. A recent news article reported the Maverick forward as saying he empathized with Tigerand the mess he is going through now with his harem becoming public knowledge. Dirk is referring of course to the media attention his relationship with Cristal Taylor got last summer.

Hold up Dirk. In Tiger we have a guy that married a gorgeous model and still was not satisfied; a guy that had to go out and cheat on his wife not once, not twice, but an untold number of times (who knows how many other girls have yet to still surface). Dirk- you just hooked up with the wrong girl, man. It was her, not you.

It just goes to show what a nice guy the 7ft German is. Tiger is getting nothing but bad press right now so he tries to show some compassion for the golfer.

Don’t waste your breath, Dirk. We’d all like to use our putters like him just once, but this fool has to put every green and not just the one he married. Shame on you Tiger. You are not worthy of Dirk Nowitzki’s empathy. He needs to save that for his foolish teammates that get into possible fights at Denny’s at 3AM. At least it wasn’t at someplace classy like the International House of Pancakes.

Tiger, next time some girl actually gives you some play pay heed to Fresh’s rhyme and get the hell away! Girls, maybe Tiger is the one that is trouble and you should all stay away from him?!?!

Leave Dirk to what he does best- sinking clutch shots like he did against against Charlotte Saturday night.