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Mavs Swap 1st Round Picks With Trailblazers


According to Mark Cuban’s Twitter account the Mavericks have traded their 22nd pick for the Trailblazer’s 24th and a 2nd rounder for this year and next.

I usually don’t like trading down in drafts but with the Mavericks not having a 1st round pick next season thanks to the truly awful trade that Avery Johnson insisted on to acquire Jason Kidd they will need all the picks they can get. They were also without a 2nd round pick this year so that will allow them some flexibility. The “you never know when 2nd rd picks can come in handy.” makes me think (HOPE!!!) that this isn’t the end of the Mavericks wheeling and dealing. I can only hope the best is yet to come.

If you are interested I will posting a draft recap per every 5 picks tomorrow as well as participating in the live chat on – it should be an entertaining night!