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Luol Deng Signs 2-year Deal With Miami Heat

After the departure of LeBron James, the Miami Heat’s roster was in danger of a major rebuild. But with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade returning, the Heat have been able to salvage their roster and season.

And with reports surfacing today of their agreement to sign Luol Deng to a 2-year deal, $20 deal, the Heat may once again be able to contend in the East.

Deng, 29, holds career averages of 16 points and 6.3 rebounds. Obviously he won’t be able to replace James, but he lessens the blow on the roster.

The Dallas Mavericks had their eyes on Deng incase the Houston Rockets elected to match the 3-year, $46 million offer sheet for Chandler Parsons.

Now with Deng off the board and Trevor Ariza in Houston, the Mavs may be left with only Lance Stephenson as their plan B to Parsons.

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  • cathy ming

    I think cubes is a fool…we get dirk to take a pay cut , then give it all to parsons…we could have had vince, dang,mo williams, and still sign matix over the cap… with a chance to get isa thomas for the cheap…i just dont thinks is a smart move to do biz with your feelings.. so what they made offer to dirk,,didnt have to give all our cap away to get even,,,,,